Watershed Institute
Protecting our natural
resources for generations to
come is what we do.  
Enhancing dissolved oxygen
in Tomahawk Creek,
Overland Park, Kansas is an
TWI works closely with a nonprofit corporation called the Watershed Land Trust a/k/a WLT. , which holds title to
Conservation Easements and administers  the
 In-Lieu-Fee program.  
The Watershed Institute began as a concept for solving natural resource problems in an effective, natural
manner, by using an inter-disiplinary group of natural resource professionals with expertise in the sciences,
business, legal and public affairs.  The concept began in 1996.
Brock Emmert is one of the original founders  
in 2002.  It was incorporated in 2004 when
Frank Austenfeld was added as the Executive Director.   Austin
, David Partridge and Jenn Larsen are also on staff.
Some of the recent activities
of TWI include:
A little about what we do:
We are a seasoned interdisciplinary  team with experience and expertise in natural resource assessments and
monitoring, habitat assessments, stream enhancement and restoration design, streambank stabilization and
construction, wetland design and construction, and water law. We have the knowledge, resources, and abilities
to solve any natural resource problem or need.  We also control funding of projects.  Please contact us if you
have a project for consideration.
Watershed Institute, Inc. (not-for-profit) and Watershed Land Trust, Inc.
The Watershed Institute a/k/a TWI
River project
before...Click on image
to enlarge
River project after proper
design and construction
of bendway weirs.  
Vegetation was added
later to hold the soil in
place.  For more images
visit our
Projects page.
Balch Mammoliti Emmert Austenfeld