Watershed Land Trust, Inc.
The Watershed Land Trust (WLT) Is a nonprofit charitable organization which was formed to hold land in fee simple
and/or conservation easements in perpetuity.  Most Land Trust's mission is to hold vast areas of land typically in large
sections.  The WLT is unique in that its mission and focus is to preserve watersheds, waterways, streams, rivers, lakes,
wetlands, and adjacent (riparian) corridors and green space primarily for the benefit of water quality, ecosystems, and
Open Space.  Such a
Conservation Purpose could be for preservation of fish, wildlife, or plant habitats or ecosystems.  
Often times, these will be mitigation sites or in other words, sites that were created or improved as a result of an adverse
impact elsewhere which will also include the Conservation Purpose of preservation of open space.  If the easement
preserves open space to advance a federal, state, or local governmental conservation policy – for example, it protects
farmland under a state flood control program or to advance the no net loss of wetlands provision under the Clean Water
Act– it may limit public access to the land as long as the limitation does not undermine the purpose of the easement.  

Your membership alone is valuable support for the Mission of the Watershed Land Trust.  Any contribution you wish to
make, though not required, is also valuable support.  Welcome to the Watershed Land Trust!


Frank Austenfeld, Executive Director
Watershed Land Trust

Frank Austenfeld, J.D.
Executive Director
7211 W. 98th Terr.
Ste. 140
Overland Park, KS 66212

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Students and government employees are
welcome to join as members for free.

Welcome to the Watershed Land Trust!
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