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resources for generations to
come is what we do.  
Watershed Institute, Inc. (not-for-profit) and Watershed Land Trust, Inc.
The Watershed Institute survey of the
Kansas River
Here is a project actually in
the process of survey,
design, and installation!  
We surveyed the Kansas
River a couple months ago
for a 3,200 foot bank
stabilization project and it
was no easy task given the
speed and depth of the
river.  The only way we
could do it was on
WaveRunners with Brock
Emmert beached on a
sandbar.  We launched at
the LeCompton ramp and
ran a mile upstream to the
site dodging sandbars all
the way.  

If you click on the pictures
they will enlarge and you
can see the massive
amounts of earth being
eroded.  This particular
farm is losing tons of earth.
 You can really see what
happens when the
vegetation is lost.  We will
eventually shape the bank
and plant it with trees.  
Additionally, we will install
giant rock veins or
bendway weirs in the Kaw
River to divert the energy
from the erosion points.

This project was made
possible by the NRCS and
State Conservation
Commission for Kansas.
Balch Mammoliti Emmert Austenfeld