Below are some recent pictures involving education and volunteering by The Watershed Institute
The Watershed Institute is regularly involved in functions across the USA teaching the ways of conservation.
TWI Executive Director Frank Austenfeld educating
first graders about urban streams on Earth Day
TWI shows up in force for the Blue River Volunteer
Photos from recent events
Watershed Institute, Inc. (not-for-profit)
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project information and photos
TWI Biologist Chris Mammoliti preparing for a
Lake Tour with the Kansas University School of
Journalism with the Yamaha WaveRunners.
Chris Mammoliti and son Kirk educate
middle schoolers on
macro invertebrates
and snakes...
The Upper Turkey Creek Watershed Special
Area Management Plan (SAMP) is part of a
grant request sponsored by the Kansas
Water Office to be funded by the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) for
the benefit of the stakeholders in the Upper
Turkey Creek Watershed.  Phase one has
already been completed and was funded by
the EPA.  Phases two, three and four are
awaiting funding.