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Subject: Watershed Institute (TWI) RIDE magazine article and Yamaha

About a three years ago TWI was called upon as a result of an erosion problem
on a Corps reservoir close to a marina and personal watercraft beach launching
area. The wave action from the wind, boats, and personal watercraft in
combination with the maintenance of the bank had created a problem. We
contacted most of the major manufacturers of boats and personal watercraft and
asked them to invest in the environment and natural resource that drives their
business by contributing to the Watershed Institute. Yamaha came through with
two WaveRunners for us to use in our lake and river assessments and
education. Before one begins to debate the evils of boats and other motorized
vehicles, please understand it helps our efficiency and is a necessary tool just
like our trucks, ATVs, tractors, bulldozers, cell phones, computers and backhoes.

Thank you Yamaha!
Lenexa Waterfest, Lenexa, Kansas
Clinton Lake, Lawrence, Kansas
Earth Day Celebration, Sprint National Headquarters, Overland Park, Kansas
Kansas Alliance of Wetlands and Streams (KAWS) Convention, Wichita, Kansas
Blue River Volunteer Cleanup, Kansas City, Missouri
Wow!  I cannot believe the
difference in the website.  I went
from being able to glean only a
cursory understanding of TWI's
work and mission to gaining a
very informative overview of the
myriad of projects TWI is
leading.  What an impressive
body of environmental work---full
spectrum, encompassing,

You have done amazing work.  
Congratulations. This redo
should make great strides in
telling your story...and it is a
good story to tell.

I really enjoyed reading the
Yamaha article...it sounded like
the journalist with you was
gratified by the experience and
excited by the sponsorship and
partnership.  Good stuff!

TWI preparing for a Lake
Tour with the Kansas
University School of
Journalism with the
Yamaha WaveRunners.
The Watershed Institute and Land
Trust works with national
sponsorships from
Bass Pro Shops
Yamaha Personal Water Craft.