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                        Save the Tomahawk Creek Oxbow

I, Luke Austenfeld, the 9 year old boy typing this, think that the Tomahawk Oxbow
should be kept clean and in good condition because wetlands like this filter water and
improve water quality in the creeks. Beneath is a picture of me and some other pictures
of wildlife and some essential gear.

Tomahawk Creek near 139th and Antioch at one time had some bends (sinuosity) prior
to development.  As housing and commercial development progressed, the creek was
straightened and there is a 2,000 foot length cutoff bend of the creek that is basically
dry.  After a big rain it would hold some water but then drain out one end that had
eroded.  Through a collaborative effort with the Watershed Institute, Watershed Land
Trust and the City of Overland Park, the stage is set for the restoration of the Oxbow.  
For many years the Oxbow has been basically dry and was not able to hold water.  With
the recent design of the bike path through the area the Oxbow was provided a dam that
enables it to hold water for extended periods of time.  There are years of forest debris
(leaves and branches) that have accumulated however, with the new life given by the
influx of sustained water, the Oxbow has new potential of being habitat to turtles,
lizards, mammals, birds, macro invertebrates, frogs, fish, and other animals that inhabit
wetlands and rain gardens.  This is a popular place for education, field trips, and
afternoon excursions with easy access from an Overland Park bike trail.

To view the location with Google Earth, click on the following link and save the
placemark to your computer.  You will need to download Google Earth, if you have not
already, to open he file.  This is the coolest program in the world...and it is free.

Google Earth Link to Tomahawk Oxbow Placemark--View from the sky

"And I think that the oxbow should be saved as a start to save and preserve wildlife.
And if other people like you pitch in then bless their Heart. And bless yours"...Luke

You can help to save the Oxbow by joining the Watershed Land Trust.  Donations,
although not required are welcome.  Just by joining and showing your support for this
interesting project you are doing your part.